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LED lamps are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. A wide range from 1W to 11W to replace incandescent lamps from 15W to 100W. Various lamp shapes for various applications. Lamp cap is made from shock-resistant PC, heatsink – from heat conductive plastic or aluminium. HIgh-efficacy LEDs from world leading manufacturers. Most lamp designs are patented or are being patented.

- General illumination 
- Households
- Supermarkets and trade floors
- Bars and restaurants

- Patented designs
- Eco-friendly and safe
- Up to 85% of energy savings – 12 times less energy consumption compared to incandescent lamps
- High lm/W performance 
- Low percent flicker 
- LED temperature control to prevent LED overheating
- Unique high-efficiency PFC driver
- Low lumen degradation 
- Suitable for outdoor fixtures 
- Operable under voltage fluctuations   
- Оptimum quality-price ratio


Серия_Alfa Серия_Delta Серия_Omega
Alfa series Delta series Omega series

Серия_Sigma Серия_Gamma
Sigma series Gamma series