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LED for Life


LED luminaires for architectural lighting are designed and manufactured by the LeaderLight (LL) for illumination of buildings and landscape.

Weather-proof powder-coated aluminium housing and shock-resistant lenses.

The architectural luminaires are available with 15, 30 and 45 degrees optics and have various shades of white light (2400 to 7000 K).
Various colours of illumination light: white, red, green, blue, yellow and orange.
High-efficacy LEDs from Osram.

- Exterior wall grazing and washing
- Landscape lighting
- Monuments, fountains, expositions lighting, etc. 

- A wide range of ambient operating temperatures
- In-line mounting with objects illuminated uniformly
- A wide selection of lenses for objects of any complexity
- Pivot-joint brackets to tilt luminaires at different angles and change illumination patterns
- Water-proof connectors for easier electrical connections and in-line connection of up to 100 luminaires without additional electric wiring
- Minimum maintenance costs 


Фасад-500 Fasad-1000
19 W LED luminaire for architectural lighting 30 W LED luminaire for architectural lighting

Cables with a ТНР connector can be ordered optionally

Кабель ТНР_1000 Кабель ТНР_1200
Cable with a THP connector (female), 1,000 mm Cable with a THP connector (male+ female), 1,200 mm