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Car dealership ‘Avtogermes’

The ‘LeaderLight’ company has implemented an energy-efficient lighting project for a parking lot in front of the car dealership showroom. The outdated ineffective light sources were replaced with new LED ones. 

The classical ball-shaped park LED luminaires Ball 400-60 not only perfectly fit into the parking lot design but also are used as its decoration. The luminaires feature high performance characteristics including high weather resistance (IP65 and guaranteed operability within wide temperature range from -40 to + 45 C degrees) and a shockproof housing. The most commonly these luminaires can be used for park and public garden lighting.  

The use of the ‘LeaderLight’ LED luminaires allowed 2.5 times energy saving and 4-5 times extended the lifetime in comparison with luminaires using mercury-vapour and high-pressure sodium arc lamps.