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Office LED luminaires are energy efficient substitutes of fluorescent luminaires (recessed/surface).

Our luminaires can be either recessed into suspended ceilings of the Armstrong type or surface mounted onto ceilings of various types.

As the light source, we use high-efficacy LEDs tested to LM-80. Their reliability is guaranteed by international certificates from independent laboratories. Lifetime of LEDs is tested to be at least 50,000 hours.

Luminaires come with integrated power supply units which is crucial for surface mounting.

Luminaires are available in a metal housing with a back-up PSU (emergency version).


  • Administrative and office buildings
  • Supermarkets and sales floors
  • Schools, hospitals, etc.


  • Percent flicker < 5%; no stroboscopic effect and less tiresome for eyes when working with a TV or computer screen
  • Energy consumption is 1.5-2.5 times lower compared with fluorescent luminaires
  • Easy maintenance and no specific requirements for disposal
  • Various types of diffusers to comply with any customer requirements

 Luminaires are made with different types of diffusers

  • Honeycomb (PC)
  • Opal (PC)
  • Opaque (PC)

           EDGE-LIT LED PANEL          DRIVER INSIDEnovinka_NEW

ABS plastic housing. PMMA diffuser.

  • Uniform light, minimum glare
  • Integrated driver
  • Universal housing
    – Recessed

    – Surface-mounted
    – Suspended
  • Electrical Safety compliance
  • Maximum luminance 4,000 cd/m2
  • Flicker < 5%

26W edge-lit LED panel


novinka_NEW              Good for high humidity and dust environments,
including warehouses


- Plastic housing 
- Universal mounting (recessed / surface)
- IP 65
- Electrical safety classification II
- Low cost
LL DVO-021-P600x600_IP65_1
21W office LED luminaire
LL-DVO-021-P600x600 (IP65)



Available in suspended and surface-mounted options
Both direct and direct/indirect versions for up and down illumination
Aluminium housing and translucent micro prismatic diffuser
High-efficacy LEDs


25-225W office LED luminaire


 Metal housing 

металл(600х300)_микропризма металл(600х600)_микропризма металл(600х600)_микропризма
16W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 20-M600x300
32W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 33-M600x600
39W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 41-M600x600

металл(1200х300)_микропр. металл(1200х600)_микропризма
39W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 41-M1200x300

78W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 82-M1200x600

Plastic housing

Patented construction (WO2014/126501, WO2014/148939) for mounting into suspended ceilings or onto ceilings of various types.
Integrated power supply – invisible when mounted and accessible after surface mounting for further handling.

Luminaires are available in an indirect backlit version when light from LEDs is first reflected from the back of the luminaire before coming out more uniform, but 15% less efficient. Indirect backlit luminaires are available only with a Honeycomb diffuser.

Office_20_Plastic № 10 (24 Вт_Р) № 10 (24 Вт_Р)
16W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 20-P600x300
32W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 33-P600x600
39W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 40-P600x600

Designer LED luminaires in plastic housing

Individualize an office, store or any place with our designer solutions from ALISA and NIKA series.

Add your logo to a NIKA luminaire and we customize it for you. Logos can be backlit for a higher impact.
Our designer luminaires can be either recessed into suspended ceilings or mounted onto ceilings of various types, to correspond to an overall office design. 

№ 15 (33 Вт_alisa) № 16 (40 Вт_alisa) № 17 (33 Вт_nika)
33W office LED luminaire
40W office LED luminaire
33W office LED luminaire
with a logo

Premium class luminaires

Premium luminaires are designed for high-end customers. They combine specifications of the standard series with a very high energy efficiency and very uniform light distribution. Based on the type of diffuser their efficacy can be within 100-120 lm/W.
High uniformity of light and longer lifetime of luminaires are achieved by using a bigger number of LEDs. Premium series luminaires are recommended for use in childcare, educational, and healthcare institutions.

Metal housing

Офис_М_премиум             Офис_М_премиум          Office 32_80 мм
21W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 21-M600x600
32W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 32-M600x600

Plastic housing

№ 11 (28 Вт_Р) № 11 (28 Вт_Р) № 11 (28 Вт_Р)
21W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 21-P600x600
24W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 24-P600x600
32W office LED luminaire
OFFICE 32-P600x600



(only for luminaires with metal housing)

DALI advantages
- Free of interference (digital signal transmission).
- Easy to install (one cable run next to the mains
- Individual addressing with fault detection.
- Group addressing based on application and location
of luminaires.
- Fast switching of lighting scenes (case-by-case
lighting control).
- Building a control system without a master controller
(using assigned sensors and switches).
- Maximum number of luminaires per one loop – 64.

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a protocol used to control lighting equipment; it is specified according to IEC 60929.

DALI has two new concepts – Scenes and Groups; they allow for a control of several different DALI units with one command. Scenes can be used for a quick switching of light levels based on requirements (meetings, presentations, video presentations, business lunches). A maximum of 16 scenes can be assigned for each bus.