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LED for Life


LED floodlights are for illumination of objects both indoors and outdoors.

8W and 25W basic modules and various optics solutions are used to make floodlights of any modification and application.

- Аccent lighting in shops
- Exhibition booths
- Ad banners
- Wall washing and grazing
- General lighting for industrial areas and warehouses

- 2-8 times lower energy consumption compared to luminaires with mercury vapour, high-pressure sodium arc or incandescent lamps with similar luminous flux
- Any luminous flux is available based on the number of modules used
- No flicker harmful for eyes
- No specific requirements for disposal
- Optimum quality-price ratio


Floodlights based on 8W modules

8W LED floodlight
32W LED floodlight

Floodlights based on 25W modules

25W LED floodlight
103W LED floodlight

Floodlights come in two modifications: with a built-in 220/48V converter and an external 220/48V bulk converter (converter power is determined by the number of basic modules). 

novinka_NEW         Sports and entertainment high power LED floodlights

 The floodlights housing is made of an aluminium alloy. The floodlights optics is made by LedLink. The in-house design and production power supply is designed in accordance with the SY-Lighting patented power-supply concept. The world leading LED manufacturer’s CREE LEDs are used as the light source.

Field of application 

  • Stadiums and various sports facilities lighting
  • Concert, shooting areas and theater platforms lighting
  • High-rise buildings and building sites lighting
  • Transport hubs and facilities (railways, airports, freight transfer and interchanging stations, road junctions) lighting
  • Large territories lighting with floodlights mounted on masts, poles and beams along the perimeter (warehouse territories, depots and other infrastructure objects)


  • Flicker free lighting suitable for HDTV level slow motion
  • High-efficacy optics 110 lm/W
  • Instantaneous dynamic lighting control, running scenes and sequences from producer’s desk unit
  • Interaction with external lighting consoles over DMX512 and 1-10 protocols
  • Minimized weight and dimensional parameters and thermal load on floodlights; increased floodlights reliability due to use of innovative LEDs and the patented SY-Lighting power-supply system which is unique and has no analogues in the world
DS-LFL_7x8_450_sn_n DS-LFL_7x16_900_sn_n DS-LFL_7x24_1300_sn_n
450W LED floodlight
900W LED floodlight
1,300W LED floodlight

Serial production scheduled for the 2-d quarter of 2017.