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Berlin suburbs (Germany)

Within the framework of energy-efficient technologies implementation on the European market the LeaderLight company completed a pilot LED park lighting project in Germany. 60 street LED luminaires MAG2-030-124 were installed for a bicycle lane lighting in a park area. Our specialists developed new mountings for a lighting mast especially for the German market that fully met the stated requirement specifications including the bracket colour. All luminaires for the project were also equipped with motion and illumination sensors (optional) which allowed additionally reduce electrical energy costs.
The luminaires perfectly fit into the landscape and allowed to create maximum illumination of the bicycle lane which in the most favorable way affected the visitors the park.
The use of LeaderLight LED luminaires has reduced electrical energy consumption up to 2 times and extended service life of the luminaires up to 4-5 times in comparison with Mercury vapor and  high-pressure mercury arc luminaires.

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