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BC ‘Slobodskoy’

26C28, Leninskaya Sloboda street, Moscow, Russia.

The ‘LeaderLight’ company has implemented an indoor lighting project for a new business centre. The main goal of the project was providing the premises with bright, high-quality but energy-efficient lighting. The office LED luminaires OFFICE 82-M1200x600 with opal diffuser easily coped with this task.
The main advantage of the LED luminaires is their high efficacy. The low-power luminaires provide the maximum luminous flux. They provide the luminescence spectrum comfortable for eyes, good colour rendering and the minimal luminous flux flicker no more than 5% that influences people conditions in the most favorable way. For comparison fluorescent lamps have flicker factor about 30-40% that results in fast eye fatigue. In addition LED luminaires are absolutely safe and do not require any special disposal since contain no mercury.
The use of the ‘LeaderLight’ office luminaires allowed  2 times energy consumption reduction and increased the service life up to 5 times in comparison with other light sources. 

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