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The ‘LeaderLight’ company has implemented a project for the road lighting system retrofitting in Kazakhstan. The outdated light sources were replaced with new LED ones. The road safety is the main purpose of road lighting so the right choice of light sources is very important.  The LED luminaires MAG2-120-248 installed for the project fully comply with the requirements for lighting of all categories of motorways.

The important factors of road lighting are luminous flux flicker factor and colour rendering index (Ra). The ‘LeaderLight’ luminaires’ flicker factor is no more than 5% unlike gas discharge lamps that have about 80% and more. The colour rendering index can vary within 70-90 depending on project requirements unlike mercury lamps that have 40-60 or sodium lamps with only 30-40. LED luminaires are absolutely safe and do not require any special disposal and their life time is 4-5 time longer.

The use of the ‘LeaderLight’ LED luminaires allowed 2 times energy consumption reduction in comparison with other light sources. 

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